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If you have just discovered The Urantia Book, the Key Concepts section will give you a basic overview, as well as, suggestions for further study.


In addition to numerous and ongoing dissemination related activities the Urantia Society of Greater New York is also a sponsor/manager of Urantia Book translations, including: the Russian, Korean, and Turkish translations. These translations, as well as, all other available translations, are posted on this website for review, search, and download. In fact, you will find more translations of The Urantia Book posted on this website than any other website on the internet.

For your convenience and more indepth discovery and research of The Urantia Book text, our society has developed the most robust and easy to use search engines for all of the available versions of the text.

Everything posted on this website is freely available for online use or download including numerous tips, techniques, eTools, and software for the ePublication of The Urantia Book revelations.

And while The Urantia Book is a divine gift to this world, no new religious tradition has been established in its name. Its teachings are for all people. In fact, The Urantia Book reveals information that goes far beyond anything that has come before it. Moreover,many find that The Urantia Book’s teachings enliven, regenerate, and even elaborate many of the world’s existing spiritual insights.

As for us, we are a group of readers in the greater New York City area who hail from many different backgrounds. We consider ourselves students of The Urantia Book and we try to live its teachings and share its astounding insights with others.

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Since this site is dedicated to new and prospective readers of The Urantia Book, we are pleased to offer a multimedia presentation of The Urantia Book, which features 30 slides with some of life’s basic questions that are answered from a Urantia Book perspective. And so, this presentation offers a simple, yet insightful, selection of writings that Urantia Book authors refer to as a divine revelation.

By reading The Urantia Book you will gain a greater understanding of your relationship with God, your place in the universe, and your potential destiny.

Additionally, our Society is pleased to make powerful new software tools freely available to the readership. These tools will aid in the study and research of The Urantia Book. Among these is a tool known as the Glossarized Urantia Book. This software incorporates a glossary of key Urantia Book terms into the electronic text providing instant access, via mouse-over, to: a pronunciation guide, term definitions, and links to instantly preview EVERY occurrence of a glossary term throughout the text.

Moreover, USGNY is pleased to offer the most robust set of English and multi-lingual Search Engines available anywhere. All versions may be used online or download for private use here.

Numerous 'Frequently Asked Questions' asked by new readers and answered here.

Anf finally, a Contemplation section contains a selection of inspirational passages from The Urantia Book chosen for their unique wisdom.

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